ARENA2036 is a Flexible Research Factory that Promotes the Hardware Based Knowledge Production of the Future.

ARENA2036 Stands for the Joint Development of Product and Production.

ARENA2036 Develops Disruptive Technologies with Partners from Science and Industry.

The Research Building ARENA2036 is Part of the University of Stuttgart Campus.

The Flexible Research Hall is at the Heart of All Interdisciplinary Cooperation.


Research Campus


As part of University of Stuttgart campus, ARENA2036 provides an attractive and exemplary working and research environment.

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Partner S

For the purposes of ARENA2036, Stuttgart provides an excellent constellation of partners, whose competences regarding production and lightweight design are now being systematically pooled and further developed.

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About ARENA2036


ARENA2036 is a flexible research factory for the hardware based knowledge production of the future. It stands for the joint development of product and production in the factory 4.0.

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ARENA2036 - “Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles

As a winner of the “Research Campus – Public-Private Partnership for Innovation”-competition, ARENA2036 is a cooperation platform funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research..

Areas of Research


Intelligent Lightweight Design with Functional Integration
Functional lightweight design, new materials, and innovative ways of construction, the integration of functions as well as the reduction of complexity are pivotal elements regarding tomorrow’s mobility.

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Digitaler PrototypDigitPro

Integral Digital Prototype for Serial Production
Continuous representation of simulation processes depicting the production chain of automotive components.

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Research Factory
Adaptable production without assembly line and sequence.


Kreativität, Kommunikation, Kooperation, Kompetenztransfer
Research, innovation, and cooperation – work and the working environment of the future.

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Assoziierte ProjekteAssociated Projects

ARENA2036 as an Open Platform for Comprehensive Cooperation
An extensive project-scape – ARENA2036 and the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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The innovation platform for mobility startups in Stuttgart.
The Silicon Valley drive at the heart of engineering. This is STARTUP AUTOBAHN.

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