Digital Prototype - DigitPro
Digitaler Prototyp

Integral Digital Prototype for Large Series Production

In order to introduce lightweight materials in automotive manufacturing on an industrial scale, a continuous data exchange across all process steps has to be guaranteed. This exchange has to range from component and module development to virtual tests such as crash behavior, to process development and production planning, all the way to Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Existing digital prototypes for metallic materials cannot be used for hybrid structures, since weight-optimized materials (such as fiber-reinforced plastics; FRP) generally have anisotropic characteristics with the consequence that the component-capacity displays a strong dependency on the direction of force; at this, the characteristics dependent heavily on the orientation and the processing of fibers.

In this joint project, we are therefore constructing a holistic digital model – exemplary based on an FRP-structure – concerning all steps of the design, the construction and the production, whilst continuously transferring necessary data from one step of the process to the next.

This simulation-tool allows us to construct future components in such a way that we are able to accurately meet the requirements whilst saving parts of the physical tests and to prepare the start of production.



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