Concomitant Research (Khoch3)

How do top performers from University, research institutes, and industry comport beneath the same roof? How do ideas emerge, what promotes creativity, how is it possible to quickly transfer results from the Research Factory to industrial production?

At the cross sections of ARENA2036, the special work environment – viz. the Research Factory – is continuously developed based on ergonomic research. Accordingly, the analysis and reflection pertaining to the research campus is an essential element to this area of research. We are furthermore generating methods in order to better coordinate the development of technology with the development of products so as to expedite the transfer of emerging competencies. Knowledge regarding the competence requirements will therefore be ascertained directly from the R&D process, which will in turn be made available for professional education and advanced training in the region.

Khoch3 stands for creativity, cooperation, and competence-transfer, and will be expanded by communication during the course of the research.


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