Functional Integrated Lightweight Design (LeiFu)

Functional Integrated Lightweight Design by Means of Functional Integration

The goal to save natural resources, costs, and energy by way of lightweight design can be achieved much more effectively by implementing the integration of functions. The spectrum of functionalities that may be integrated in materials spans from sound absorption and thermal insulation over thermal, sensory, or electric functions all the way to liquid or energy storage.

The LeiFu project researches the fundamentals with regards to select single functions and demonstrates them by means of a specifically constructed CFK-Sandwich-Floor Module (Fiber Composite Design). The floor module contributes to reducing the weight of the vehicle and was equipped with a battery-box, with technologies to enhance the mechanical characteristics, and with inductive charging coils.

The long term goal is to transfer the functional integration to metals.

Parallel to the setup of associated demonstrators, economic feasibility studies for the serial production are implemented, whilst design rules, tests, and valuations are developed.




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