Vision and Mission
Vision Mission


ARENA2036 – The Flexible Factory for the Car of the Future

ARENA2036 is an ambitious research program with a long term horizon that is anticipating the year 2036: the 150 years anniversary of the car. The goal: “Lightweight design with integrated functionality in the versatile factory of the future – ARENA2036 as the pacemaker for sustainable automotive engineering for the next generation of cars.”

Our ambitious vision is composed of the following three strategic goals:

  • Product2036: light and with functional integration – redefining the borders of lightweight design based on multifunctionality and new materials.
  • Production2036: highly efficient and versatile – sustainable production in a versatile factory.
  • ARENA2036: a novel research environment working to shape the transformation of technology.

This innovative approach allows for a consolidation of the existing competencies in the Stuttgart region regarding lightweight design and production. In the long term, ARENA2036 thus contributes to strengthening Baden-Württemberg’s world leading position in the automotive industry. This requires not only a close-knit link between science and industry but also between lightweight design research and production technologies. Such an endeavor is exclusively practicable on a research campus.



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