Implementation of I4.0 approaches (digital twin or asset administration shell) in line set development or production.


Michael Richter

Siemens AG

Mr. Richter is Market Development Director in the IES division

Continuous digitalisation


Starting point and motivation

The wiring harness is one of the most expensive single components in today’s automobiles.

Despite its enormous complexity, both the development processes and, in particular, the production processes involve a considerable amount of manual work and media discontinuity in the modification, approval and exchange of the individual fragments of its digital sub-twins.

In order to realise a continuous and cross-company mapping of a holistic digital twin, a solution for managing and linking these fragments is required.

The management shell developed by the Industry 4.0 platform could represent a solution for this linkage in a mapping to the value chain of the automotive wire harness.

Current working focuses

The outcome of project phase 2.1 is the white paper on the application of the management shell to the value chain.  

The white paper describes 12 fields of action to be considered in future phases: 

  1. Information models 
  2. Product description (KBL, VEC, BOM, SBOM, BOP) 
  3. Means of production (equipment, plants, tools) 
  4. Implications for the conceptual integration of the VWS 
  5. Infrastructure, data infrastructure (Gaia-X) 
  6. Production control (OPC UA, SiOME etc.) 
  7. Enrichment of the VWS in the product development process 
  8. Governance, roles, rights, scope, integrity  
  9. Relevant assets in the wire harness 
  10. List of potential cooperation partners and organisations 
  11. Overview of relevant available solutions/tools 
  12. Definition of demonstrator/practical example(s)/field report


In phase 2.2, the fields of action described in the white paper are to be further specified and extended within the framework of several projects funded by project applications of the economic stimulus package 35c.

Until the start of the 35c projects, sub-project 11 for transition to and organisation of the next steps will be continued.