Design Factory

Task Force.



Dr. David Reichert

ARENA2036 e.V.

Task Force

Solving technical tasks on the research campus - with a hands-on mentality!

As a Design Factory in the ARENA2036, we are helping to shape the future of automobiles and Industry 4.0. Starting in January 2022, we will form student task forces, which will work directly with a partner on a project in the research factory. A technical task is worked on as a team and a coach methodically accompanies the emergence of a productive team dynamic.

Creativity and "learning by doing" are the focus here - the task forces are all about finding solutions, trying things out and constantly improving. On the one hand, the industry partners on the research campus benefit from the task forces, because the students offer them a hands-on mentality and a young, innovative mindset full of new perspectives. On the other hand, the task forces themselves can also grow together as a team and develop methodically and creatively.