Innovation initiative wire harness.

Innovation and automation in the automotive wire harness


Georg Schnauffer

Research Coordinator

Innovation Initiative Wire Harness

As one of the most elaborate and complex individual components, the wire harness plays an important role for the entire automotive industry. In the future, with electric mobility and autonomous driving, the performance of the wire harness will have to meet new challenges.

Using new opportunities effectively

Automation and modularization, as well as the new production, manufacturing, and assembly technologies associated with them, open up opportunities to improve the value added of this key component.

At the same time, complexity and a wealth of variants in terms of automation involve a number of challenges that can only be solved across companies.

To this end, companies from different levels of the value chain have joined forces in order to meet the challenges together within the framework of pre-competitive cooperation.

The innovation initiative wire harness is an open cooperation network of actively cooperating industry representatives who are developing several pre-competitive topics within the research campus ARENA2036.

The aim is...

...the promotion of general technical progress, methodological and systemic approaches, impulses for standardization and general technical or scientific developments related to the automation of the wire harness in engineering, production and assembly.

Within the framework of ARENA2036, partners from all stages of the value chain work together on a pre-competitive basis in the wire harness innovation initiative to advance the automation of the wire harness in engineering, production and assembly.

In this process:

  • Future demands on the wire harness of tomorrow are identified
  • Opportunities for standardization are being developed
  • Potential of new technologies is being identified
  • and future scenarios are being derived.

The innovation initiative wire harness is open to other participants from Germany and abroad.