The IIWH is looking

for new partners

Companies that want to contribute automation competences along the wire harness value chain can join the consortium. In this way, the consortium has grown by more than 50% since it started.


Georg Schnauffer


Bei der IILS mitmachen

Admission of new partners to the IIWH

The IIWH is designed as an open consortium that other companies in the wire harness industry can join at any time. If you believe that your experience and ideas could help us push ahead with the challenge of automating the wire harness, we would be delighted to hear from you and cordially invite you to take part in our sub-projects. This page provides more information on how to contact us and lets you know what the next steps towards membership are.

1. Step: Briefing for interested companies

Interested companies should contact the Liaison Office, i.e. the IIWH Project Office (see left: contact person Mr Georg Schnauffer). We will then arrange a joint meeting to explore mutual added value, the expectations on new partners and possible focal points for cooperation in the IIWH. Here, the main task is to determine whether and how your interests coincide with the focal points of the Innovation Initiative Wire Harness.

In addition, we will explain how the IIWH works and talk about its organisation, present the sub-projects and their focuses and talk through details of the necessary ARENA2036 membership and project contributions with you. Of course, we will address any specific questions you might have. This all provides you with a basis for making an informed decision on whether you want to participate.

2. Step: Onboarding process for new partners

Content onboarding

The new partner names the experts it appoints to participate in the prioritised sub-projects. At the start, it makes sense to focus on two or three sub-projects; participation in further sub-projects is possible at any time during the course of the project. The Liaison Office establishes contact with the sub-project leaders, who then dialogue with the new members of their sub-project about where their current work stands. The Liaison Office provides the new members of the sub-projects with access to the common file storage in the intranet. The detailed minutes of all sub-project meetings enable every new participant to follow the progress made so far and get started.

Formal onboarding

Participation in the Innovation Initiative Wire Harness requires membership in the research campus. ARENA2036 is set up as a registered association and provides the framework for the collaboration. Membership in ARENA2036 is an attractive “entrance ticket” to the BMBF’s research campus for automotive production and Industry 4.0. Membership opens up numerous opportunities for all technology innovations that benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration.

Membership in the Innovation Initiative Wire Harness is achieved by:

  • Submission of an offer for participation in the project costs
  • Acceptance of the IIWH Antitrust Guideline
  • Joining the IIWH cooperation agreement

Participation in the costs of the Innovation Initiative Wire Harness requires that each partner bears an equal share. The offer includes all services that the consortium has planned for the current phase and is identical for all partners both in terms of content and budget.