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About ThingOS

ThingOS – The Smart Things Integrator. Our slogan describes our key expertise – bridging differences in wireless and wired sensor/actuator technologies to drastically speed-up our customers development of smart environments and industrial internet (Industry 4.0) automation scenarios. By using our technology platform (hardware and software) in the prototyping/demonstrator phase our customers can focus on solving business problems instead of low-level problems. Fast iterations (minutes instead of months) and short feedback loops guarantee that many innovative ideas can be practically tested in short time and that real added-value is identified quickly. In the product phase we support the transfer from a prototype to a product by providing an extensive rollout infrastructure as well as a cloud-based Application-Store for deploying smart applications across environments and locations. The applications run on-site which allows to keep all data locally.

Project involvement within ARENA2036

In the ARENA2036, the ThingOS Technologie Platform is connecting devices from various manufacturers and different capabilities. These can be industry devices as well as end-consumer devices. Therefore, robots, driverless transportation systems and logistic systems can communicate with each other in Industry 4.0 applications. As another application, we provide interfaces to indoor positioning systems to detect or position robots and persons on the shop floors.


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